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Learn English in the USA!

Learn English in New York
Learn English in New York

The United States of America is always a popular choice amongst our students for their English course. Perhaps this is due to the country’s importance on the world stage, both politically and economically. Or perhaps it is the great diversity that the USA offers, in terms of landscapes, culture and people. A relatively young country (just over 200 years old!), the USA is enigmatic and offers visitors a myriad of experiences and adventures! Learn English in the USA and experience all that this magnificent country has to offer!

Our schools in the USA

New York City, on the USA’s eastern coast is a melting pot of cultures and exudes a vibrancy that cannot be rivalled. Gateway to the Americas, New York City was the first stop for many of those who immigrated to the USA and as such is a fantastic location for your English course, particularly if this will be your first time in the USA!

Boston, in New England, was one of the first great American cities, having been colonized by English pilgrims in 1630. A centre for learning in the USA, Boston is famously the home of Harvard University, as well as a number of other educational institutions, and is sometimes referred to the as ‘Athens of America’.

Los Angeles is a glittering city in the ‘Golden State’ of California! Home to Hollywood, centre of the American film industry and Malibu, one of the country’s finest coastal resorts, there is plenty to see and do in this beautiful, fascinating city!

In all of these locations we offer a range of courses and are sure to have a programme to meet your specific requirements! All of our courses are total immersion courses and are therefore taught in English from the outset. Suitable for students of all levels and with start dates every Monday, our English courses in the USA are a fantastic option for you!

If you have any questions regarding our English courses in the USA, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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