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Learn French in Switzerland

Breathtaking natural beauty, exciting, cosmopolitan cities and a spectacular fusion of European cultures - you’ll experience all this and more if you learn French in Switzerland!

Our French language school in Switzerland is in the scenic city of Montreux, nestled between Lake Geneva and Alpine peaks. After your French lessons, admire Lake Geneva from the enchanting Castle of Chillon, sample excellent local wines or take advantage of superb conditions for skiing and snowboarding.


Choose our school’s French and Skiing course and you can learn to ski as you study French! If you’re over 50 years of age and would prefer the company of students of a similar age, the French Club 50+ course will be perfect for you.

For total immersion in the French language and the Swiss culture, a Work Placement course is available at our Montreux school. You can study the language on most of our school’s French courses regardless of your level, with all lessons taught by experienced, native teachers. If you want to learn French even more quickly, our school also offers a course of one-to-one lessons.

French study programs in Montreux
Learn French in Montreux

Following your French classes, optional activities and excursions will also develop your knowledge of the language. Activities allow you to practice your French with local people as you experience the beautiful country of Switzerland. You can take part in many sporting activities, including windsurfing, swimming and skiing, enjoy parties and theme nights, and visit places like Lausanne and Evian.

While you learn French in Switzerland, you can either live in homestay accommodation, or share an apartment with your fellow students. Living with one of our carefully selected Swiss host families, you will get even more exposure to the French language and the local culture. Or, live in one of our well-located apartments and wake up to fantastic views of the Alps!

Whatever type of accommodation and course you choose, you’re sure to learn French quickly and fall in love with Switzerland!


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