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Russian courses in Russia

The best way to learn Russian is to learn Russian in Russia! Study at our school in Moscow, Russia’s fascinating capital, or at our school in beautiful St Petersburg to learn Russian quickly and experience Russia and its culture.

Russia has a long and rich history, which you can delve into after your Russian lessons! Visit thousand year-old churches, hear about the great figures who shaped Russia’s past and discover what life was like in the Soviet era.


Russia possesses a staggering array of landscapes, from artic wastelands to popular tourist towns on the warm black sea coastline, from traditional villages to cities lined with skyscrapers. Learn Russian in Russia and you’ll find gold-encrusted churches, majestic palaces and modern wonders of architecture, as well as natural splendor.

Moscow is an elegant city, where even the metro stations are a sight to behold.

Practice your Russian by asking locals for directions to Red Square or the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum. Moscow is awash with culture and has many famous museums and theatres for you to enjoy once your Russian lessons are finished for the day.

Russian study programs in Russia
Russian study programs in Russia

St Petersburg, too, is alive with history and culture. Peter the Great, a Russian monarch, designed St Petersburg as a city to rival Venice, with incredible results! Scenic St Petersburg is a fantastic place to stay as you study Russian. After your Russian classes, you could take a boat trip along the River Neva, and see the vibrant facades of houses which once belonged to the nobility of St. Petersburg.

Both of our schools run a packed activities program, allowing you to experience Russia and its culture, and develop your language skills at the same time. Depending on which of our schools you attend, you’ll be taken on a guided tour of Moscow or St Petersburg, visit nearby sites of interest and take part in some of the pastimes enjoyed by the locals!

If you like, you can even stay in both Moscow and St Petersburg, dividing your Russian trip between our two schools. Choose our multi-stay course, and you could, for example, spend three weeks in the capital and another three weeks in St Petersburg. Experience two wonderful cities as you study Russian!

Another of our Russian courses involves Volunteer Work. Your grasp of the language will greatly improve and you’ll become immersed in Russian culture, as you help local communities. Our Volunteer Work course is the only one of our courses which requires you to have an intermediate level of Russian. The rest of our courses are open to students at every level, and with experienced, native teachers, you’re sure to learn quickly!

Learn Russian in Russia
Learn Russian in Russia

If you choose a homestay arrangement for your accommodation, the everyday conversations that you’ll share with your Russian family will also speed up your progress with the language. You can experience Russian life at first-hand by living with one of our carefully-selected, friendly Russian families.

You might want to live with other students from our schools, and enjoy a cosmopolitan mix of cultures, in which case our shared student apartments are ideal. Or if you’re looking for more private accommodation, our schools can also arrange accommodation for you in hotels or private studio apartments.

Russia is an amazing country and it’s the natural place to learn the Russian language, so simply decide which of our courses is the right one for you, and you’re ready to begin your Russian adventure!


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