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Learn Italian in Rome, Italy

Our School Our Italian courses Accommodation


Treat yourself with one of our language courses in Rome! Whilst you learn Italian in this epic city, you can feast your eyes on wondrous monuments, indulge in designer shopping and spoil your taste buds with delicious Italian dishes.

There are constant reminders of Rome’s glorious past. In the middle of this bustling city, lie the ruins of the ancient Roman forum, frozen in time. Explore the many faces of Rome after your Italian lessons!


Our school in Rome, Italy

Learning Italian at our school in Rome
Learning Italian at our school in Rome

A lovingly-restored, detached villa, in the center of Rome, is home to our school. It is close to the Piazza della Republica and not far from the magnificent Colosseum. Marvel at this spectacular feat of ancient engineering, where 55,000 Romans could watch gladiators fight to the death!

Our school is extremely well-equipped, with 10 classrooms and a study center and language laboratory, both of which students can use whenever they like. There is also a snack bar and a sun terrace, where you can unwind with your fellow students. Staff and teachers at our school are friendly, and the school has a very welcoming atmosphere.

Our Rome school:

 School Internet Café No
 Number of classrooms 10
 Location Close to the Piazza della Republica, in the center of Rome
 Other facilities Study center, language laboratory, snack bar and sun terrace
 Cultural program Yes
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Our Italian language programs

Students on the terrace at our school in Rome
Students on the terrace

Our school in Rome offers a wide variety of Italian language courses, so there is sure to be one to suit you! Choose our Super-Intensive course, with 30 Italian lessons each week, if you want to make rapid progress with your language skills. Perhaps you would like to take things a little easier, in which case our Semi-Intensive course, consisting of 15 Italian lessons a week, would be ideal.

All of our teachers are experienced and native to Italy. If you’d like their undivided attention, take our course of one-to-one lessons. Or mix 20 group lessons a week with 10 private lessons per week, on our Combined Course.

Learn Italian in Rome with us and you can also study specialist subjects, in conjunction with one of our Italian courses. If you have an intermediate level of Italian, you could delve into Roman Archaeology, discover Italian Cooking and Wine or learn Business Italian.

 Courses:  Lessons per week  Max. in class  Levels
 Semi Intensive 15 12 All
 Intensive 20 14 All
 Super Intensive 20 + 10 14/1 All
 Combined Course 20 + 10 14/1 All
 Private Lessons 20 1 All
 Business Italian 6 10 Minimum Intermediate
 Exam Preparation 5 12 Minimum Intermediate
 Italian Wine & Cookery 6 8 Minimum Intermediate
 Rome Archaeology 6 10 Minimum Intermediate
 Work Placement - - Minimum Intermediate
 Academic Year 20 14 Minimum Intermediate
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Cultural program in Rome, Italy

To help you get to know Rome and Italian culture, our school organizes an activities program. Firstly, you’ll go on a guided tour of the Rome, and receive expert commentary on famous sights around the Eternal City.

There will be Italian film evenings, exposing you to more of the language, and ‘spaghetti evenings’, allowing you to enjoy one of Italy’s favorite foods! You can also join outings to the theatre and the opera, and parties in the school.

Travel back in time with talks on Italian history, and learn how to make tasty Italian dishes with seminars on Italian cooking. Then see what’s on the menu in one of Rome’s fine restaurants, as you dine with your tutors and fellow students.

At the weekends, the school runs excursions to other notable parts of Italy. The unique ruined town of Pompeii, destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 79 AD, and the picturesque, medieval city of Siena are just two locations that students at our school visit.

Accommodation in Rome, Italy


A Student in her accommodation
A Student in her accommodation

Experience Italian life at first-hand by living with an Italian family, carefully selected by our school. A homestay will help you to learn Italian even more quickly, as you chat to your family over mouth-watering Italian home-cooking!

Homestay (self-catering)

If you’d prefer to live with an Italian family, but take care of your own cooking, a self-catering homestay is the best option for you!

Student apartments

Our school in Rome can also arrange single and twin rooms in private studio apartments, should you prefer to live alone or with a friend.

Student apartments (self-catering)

Live with other students in self-catering apartments, either in single or twin rooms.

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Italian study programs in Italy

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