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Italian course Pisa, Italy

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Study abroad in Pisa for magnificent sights, a vibrant atmosphere and excellent Italian lessons! Testifying to Pisa’s illustrious history is the ‘Piazza dei Miracoli’ (Square of Miracles), where the incredible Leaning Tower of Pisa and other grandiose marble buildings shimmer in the sun.

This is an exciting university city, surrounded by the unforgettable beauty of Tuscany. Captivating places such as Florence and Siena are close by, and tempting Mediterranean beaches are just a few miles to the west. Experience all this and more with an Italian course in Pisa!



Our school in Pisa, Italy

A typical street in Pisa
A typical street in Pisa

Our school is situated in the center of Pisa, close to the train station and the banks of the River Arno. Take a walk across the river to the food market at Piazza delle Vettovaglie, passing the fashionable boutiques of Corso Italia on the way.

The school has 7 well-equipped classrooms, free Wi-Fi Internet access and an agreement with a local café, allowing you to enjoy post-lesson refreshments for less! Teachers at the school are all young and energetic, yet they also have years of experience in teaching Italian to foreigners.  

Our Pisa school:

 Number of classrooms 7
 Location Central Pisa, close to the train station
 Other facilities Free Wi-Fi Internet access
 Cultural program Yes
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Our Italian language programs

Students at our school
Students at our school

Whether you’re a total beginner or already fairly fluent in Italian, our school will have the perfect course for you! You can study on a group-based program, with international students from around the world, learn with specialized one-to-one tuition, or even enjoy a mixture of both group and Private Italian Lessons.

To complement your Italian language course, you can enjoy classes in Italian cookery, the history of art or wine tasting - all subjects which are central to the character of Italy. Become totally immersed in the Italian culture as you learn Italian in Pisa! Of course, all of these classes are taught in Italian, helping to expand your vocabulary and give you valuable speaking and listening practise.

 Courses:  Lessons per week  Max. in class  Levels
 Standard 20 12 All
 Intensive 30 12 All
 Standard Combined 20 + 5 12/1 All
 Intensive Combined 20 + 10 12/1 All
 Private Lessons  20/30/40 1 All
 Italian Cookery 6 hours 12 All
 History of Art 4 12 Min. Intermediate
 Wine Tasting 2 12 Min. Intermediate
 CILS Exam Prep. 20 + 5 12 Min. Intermediate
 CILS Exam Prep. 20 + 10 12 Min. Intermediate

Please contact us if you require further details on an Italian course in Pisa.

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Cultural program in Pisa, Italy

Enjoying Italian coffee
Enjoying Italian coffee

You’re guaranteed to have a great time as you learn Italian in Pisa! Our school plans a packed activities program, showing you the best of Pisa and Tuscany, while also helping you get to know your classmates.

To introduce you to this wonderful city, the school will offer you a guided tour of Pisa. Tours around Pisa’s best bars are also organized regularly, as well as Italian movie-nights, parties and group dinners in local restaurants.

At the weekends, you can join teachers and other students on excursions, which are run at very reasonable prices. Discover the Renaissance treasures of Florence and Lucca, or the scenic villages of the ‘Cinque Terre’ (Five Lands), which cling dramatically to the rugged coastline of the Italian Riviera.

Accommodation in Pisa, Italy


Living with a local family, you’ll not only enjoy delicious home cooking, but it’s a great way to practise Italian too! All families are very carefully chosen by our school, with single Italian people sometimes acting as hosts. You can have 2 home cooked meals per day, or, if you prefer, you can just share breakfast with your family.

Shared student apartments

Socialize and make friends with other students taking an Italian course in Pisa – live in our school’s shared apartment accommodation! The kitchen and bathroom will be shared, but you can choose between single or double bedrooms.  


Opt for a little extra comfort and enjoy the special hotel rates arranged by our school.

Find out more about Pisa

We’ll be happy to tell you more about our Pisa school, or about the city itself, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Click on the link for a virtual tour of the Piazza dei Miracoli and its stunning architecture.

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Italian language programs in Italy

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