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Learn French in Paris, France

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Paris is an unforgettable city, overflowing with history and culture. Learn French in Paris and you’ll fall in love with its magnificent architecture, fine cuisine and cosmopolitan atmosphere, and you’ll also learn French quickly!

There’s so much to do after your French lessons! Shop in fashionable boutiques, appreciate some of the most famous paintings in the world, or take a trip up the Eiffel Tower and see all of Paris’ beauty spread out before you.


Our school in Paris, France

French lesson at our school
French lesson at our school

Our school in Paris enjoys a very central location, close to the Place Victor Hugo and the Arc de Triomphe. After your French lessons, take a stroll down the glamorous Champs-Elysees, to find the distinctive shape of the renowned Louvre museum.

The school has nine classrooms, all with excellent facilities, a multi-media language room, its own café and a common room for students. All of the teachers at our Paris school are French nationals, and are specialized in teaching French as a foreign language.

Our Paris school:

 School Internet Café Yes
 Number of classrooms 9
 Location Close to the Arc de Triomphe, in the center of Paris
 Other facilities Multi-media room/language laboratory, common room
 Cultural program Yes
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Our French language programs

Students in the media room
Students in the media room

French courses at our Paris school are very flexible. Our Super Intensive courses will give you 20 French lessons a week in groups, as well as 10 or 20 French lessons per week in mini-groups. With just six students in mini-groups, you will get lots of individual attention from your teacher, helping you to learn French more quickly!

If you’d like to really get to know Paris and get a firm understanding of French, our Long Term Intensive course could be perfect for you! Choose this course, and you’ll have 26 French lessons each week, for 10 weeks.

All of our French courses are offered at a range of levels, except for our Work Experience course, for which you will need at least an intermediate level of French. Learn French in Paris, firstly at our, and then work in a local company, practicing your language skills with colleagues, and possibly even the French public!

 Courses:  Lessons per week  Max. in class  Levels
 Intensive 20 12 All
 Super Intensive 20 + 10 12/6 All
 Super Intensive 20 + 20 12/6 All
 Combined Course 20 + 5 12/1 All
 Long Term Intensive 26 18 All
 Private Lessons 20 1 All
 Work Experience - - Minimum Intermediate
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Cultural program in Paris, France

Our school in Paris puts together an extensive activities package. This ensures that you get a thorough understanding of French and French culture, and have a great time while you’re studying!

There are guided tours around Paris every day. You can join your fellow students on trips to Montmatre, the famous school of Sorbonne and the Latin Quarter, amongst other places. In the evenings, soak up some of the culture of Paris in the city’s theatres and opera houses. Or enjoy cheese and wine tasting sessions, also organized by the school.

Seminars on French traditions and history will provide you with further background on France. At weekends you can explore more of France on the school’s excursions.

Accommodation in Paris, France


For an authentic taste of French life (and great French cookery), live with a French family! Our school will arrange accommodation for you with a carefully chosen family, giving you the chance to practice your French all the time!

Student Residence

Live with a mix of international students in one of our student residences, some of which have en-suite bathrooms and on-site restaurants.

University Residence

Learn French in Paris during the summer months, and you could stay on a university campus, just over 30 minutes away from our school by public transport.

Studio Apartments

Or live in a comfortable studio apartment, either on your own, or with a friend.

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French language programs in France

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