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Learn French in Nice, France

Our School Our French courses Accommodation


Nice is where the beautiful people go to unwind, shop and enjoy themselves! Warm azure waters meet gorgeous white sands on Nice’s stunning beaches, and luxurious hotels and stylish shops climb up the tree-lined hills. Conditions off the coast of Nice are perfect for scuba diving, sailing and a variety of other water sports.

Learn French in Nice and you’ll experience gourmet cuisine, lively nightlife and total immersion in the French language and culture! This fantastic location is also home to excellent museums and art galleries if you have a taste for culture, and many local vineyards if you have a taste for French wine!


Our school in Nice, France

French class at our school
French class at our school

Our Nice school is in an attractive mansion from the early 1900s, located in the center of the city. The school has 17 large and well-equipped classrooms, a multi-media room, library, its own garden, patio area and free Internet access throughout the building.

Shops, beaches and the colorful old town are all close to our school. After your French lessons, relax in the pleasant surroundings of the school’s garden or soak up some sun on the beach!

Language programs at our school are very popular during the summer months, so we also have a second site, to cater for more students. This school, equally well-equipped, is situated close to the Roman Arenas and a museum exhibiting the paintings of Henri Matisse.

Our Nice school:

 Air-conditioning Yes
 School Internet Café Yes
 Number of classrooms 17
 Location In the center of Nice, near the Centre Commercial Nice Etoile and the train station
 Other facilities Library, private garden, patio area
 Cultural program Yes
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Our French language programs

Students on excursion
Students on excursion

You can choose from a wide range of French language courses at our Nice school. Our experienced teachers are all native French speakers, and class sizes are kept to a maximum of 10 students, so you will learn French quickly whatever course you choose!

Our Intensive Course gives you 30 French lessons each week, but you may like to choose 20 Private Lessons every week if you really want to make rapid progress in a short period of time. The Intensive Course allows you converse in French with other students in the group, whereas Private Lessons afford you the total attention of your highly-skilled teacher.

You could get the best of both options by taking our Combined Course or our Intensive Combined Course. In addition to 20 Standard group lessons, you can have five Private Lessons on our Combined Course, or 10 Private Lessons on our Intensive Combined Course.

You’ll learn more than just a language if you learn French in Nice! Explore the rich sea-life off Nice’s coast with a course of professional diving lessons, or learn how to sail with expert instructors. These diving and sailing options both run consecutively with our Standard French Course, which consists of 20 French lessons per week.

We also have a specialist French Club 50 + Course, ideal if you’re 50 years-old or more and would like to learn French with people of the same age. If you want to mix with adult language students of all ages, you are, of course, more than welcome to join any of our other courses!

Take one of our courses in French & Cookery or French & Art to get a glimpse into French culture, and see why the French are so passionate about their cuisine and their art!

 Courses:  Lessons per week  Max. in class  Levels
 Standard 20 10 All
 Intensive 30 10 All
 Combined Course 20 + 5 10/1 All
 Intensive Combined Course 20 + 10 10/1 All
 Executive Business French 40 5 Minimum Intermediate
 French Club 50+ 15 8 Minimum Intermediate
 French for Teachers 30 10 Minimum Intermediate
 DELF Course A1 30 10 Minimum Intermediate
 DELF Course A2 30 10 Minimum Intermediate
 Private Lessons 20 1 All
 Sailing 15 - All
 DELF Course B1 30 10 Minimum Intermediate
 DELF Course B1 30 10 Minimum Intermediate
 Diving 15 - All
 French & Cookery 20 10 Minimum Intermediate
 French & Art 20 10 Minimum Intermediate
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Cultural program in Nice, France

We want you to enjoy yourself as you discover France and learn the French language, so our school arranges activities and excursions that will consolidate your knowledge of French, and show you some of what this marvelous country has to offer!

Join teachers and other students for film evenings at our school, to pick up some more French vocabulary. There are also guided tours of museums, wine and cheese tasting sessions and pub trips on the itinerary, if you’d like to get to know the local culture.

Nice is a sports lover’s paradise! You can go hiking, bowling, rafting or take part in many other sports on our activities program. Then let your hair down at beach parties and discos, organized by the school.

Join our school’s excursions to glamorous places like Monte Carlo, Cannes and Monaco, or some of the traditional countryside villages around the Provence area. Whatever you like to do with your spare time, there will something on our cultural program for you!

Accommodation in Nice, France


What better way to get to know the French language and culture than to live with a friendly French family? Sample homemade French dishes and practice your French over the dinner table. Our school carefully selects and checks families, to ensure that you’ll have an enjoyable stay.

French Host

This option also places you with a French family, but with the freedom to cook for yourself, if that’s what you’d prefer to do.

Student Residence

Our Nice school manages its own residence for students, located by a scenic park, within easy reach of the city center and the school’s main site. If you’re studying at the school’s secondary site, during a busy period in the summer, you’ll find that the residence is only a short walk away. Accommodation consists of single rooms with private bathrooms and small fridges.

Private Studio Apartments

The school can also arrange for you to stay in a city center studio apartment, where you will have a kitchen, private bathroom and TV. Have the place to yourself or share with a fellow French language student.


Or, enjoy the extra comfort of a hotel room, complete with air-conditioning, satellite TV, phone and safety deposit box.

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French study programs in France

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