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Learn Russian in Moscow, Russia

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Russia’s prosperous capital, Moscow, is a fantastic place to learn Russian! Moscow is the very definition of cosmopolitan – you could enjoy a feast of international cuisine, see an Italian opera and go salsa dancing, all in one night!

Learn Russian in Moscow and experience an incredibly atmospheric city, full of fascinating history. After your Russian lessons, tour stylish shops, relax in one of Moscow’s many attractive parks or simply wander around and admire the city’s opulent monuments and architecture.


Our school in Moscow

Meeting Russian students at our school
Meeting Russian students at our school

Our Moscow school is situated in a safe, affluent area in the middle of the city. The nearest metro station is just a five minute walk away, making the rest of Moscow easily accessible. Once you’ve finished your Russian lessons for the day, you can browse nearby markets and sample traditional Russian dishes at reasonable prices in local eateries.

The modern school building is furnished to a high standard and equipped with LCD TVs, DVD players and computer workstations. It has 10 classrooms, a library, an Internet café, a student resource center, security at the entrance and there is wireless Internet access throughout the building. Tea and coffee is provided, free of charge.

Our Moscow school:

 School Internet Café Yes
 Number of classrooms 10
 Location Close to the ornate Belorusskaya metro station, in the center of Moscow
 Other facilities Library, student resource center
 Cultural program Yes
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Our Russian language programs

School Internet café
School Internet café

Standard Courses at our school consist of 20 Russian lessons each week. Classes usually run between 10 am and 2 pm, leaving you the afternoons free to get to know Moscow! For an extra five cultural lessons every week, in addition to 20 Russian lessons, choose our Intensive Course. Class sizes will never be greater than 10 students on these courses.

Private Lessons are also available, if you’d like the undivided attention of our highly-skilled, native teachers. Take 15, 20, 30 or 40 Private Lessons each week to really improve your understanding of the Russian language!

A Combined Course, with 20 group lessons and five private lessons each week, might work best for you. You can practice your Russian with fellow Russian language students in our group classes, and also benefit from customized one-to-one lessons.;

If you want to become really familiar with Russia, her culture and the Russian language, one of our Academic Year courses could be right for you! Learn Russian in Moscow for 24, 36 or 48 weeks, taking either 20 or 25 Russian lessons every week.

For a truly unique experience, why not do some volunteer work in Moscow? If you have an intermediate level, or better, of Russian, you could help care for orphaned and disadvantaged children, developing your knowledge of the Russian language and people at the same time. This is our only course which requires you to have a minimum level of Russian. All of our other Russian language courses run at every level, from beginner to advanced.

 Courses:  Lessons per week  Max. in class  Levels
 Standard 20 10 All
 Intensive 20 + 5 10 All
 Combined Course 20 + 5 10/1 All
 Private Lessons 15 1 All
 Private Lessons 20 1 All
 Private Lessons 30 1 All
 Private Lessons 40 1 All
 Academic Year 20 10 All
 Academic Year 25 10 All
 Work Experience - - Minimum Intermediate
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Cultural program in Moscow, Russia

Our school in Moscow organizes an extensive activities package, designed to help you discover Moscow, get a taste of the local way of life and advance your knowledge of the language. A guided tour of the city will show you the main sights and give you some interesting background information on Moscow.

You can also join teachers and other students from the school on trips to the Kremlin, the Treytakov Gallery and some of Moscow’s fantastic museums. Then relax and socialize with complimentary Friday night cocktails.

Accommodation in Moscow, Russia


Homestay accommodation in Moscow
Homestay accommodation in Moscow

If you want to totally immerse yourself in the Russian culture and language, stay with a Muscovite family while you learn Russian in Moscow! Our school works hard to ensure that we place students with suitable families, in accommodation of a good standard. So if you choose a homestay in Moscow, you will live with a friendly and understanding Russian speaking family, who will also introduce you to Russian home-cooking!

Student Apartments

For more independence, share an apartment with other Russian language students. You will also share Russian as a common language, so you’ll be constantly using your Russian vocabulary!


Our school can also recommend a range of hotels to you. Whether you want a hotel offering great value for money, or luxurious accommodation right in the middle of Moscow, our school can help!

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Russian language programs in Russia

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