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Learn English in Ireland!

Learn English in Dublin
Learn English in Dublin

Ireland is an exceptional choice for your English course. The Emerald Isle has produced a wealth of authors and poets who have contributed significantly to English language literature, including James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw and Jonathan Swift amongst many, many others. Learn English in Ireland and immerse yourself in this literary heritage! This Celtic nation has a strong sense of cultural identity that makes it wonderfully unique! Irish music, dance and art are instantly recognisable and the Irish people are amongst the most hospitable in the world!

The capital city, Dublin, is a relatively small city with a huge personality! A centre for Irish music and culture, Dublin sits on the mouth of the River Liffey, which runs through the city itself. Dublin offers a wealth of historic architecture and monuments, including the Dublin Castle, Trinity College, the Spire of Dublin and the Ha’penny Bridge! In 2010, Dublin was named a UNESCO City of Literature thanks to the volume of authors, poets and playwrights that have called this fair city home over the years.

Our schools in Ireland

Your English course at our school in Dublin will be of the very highest quality, with the teaching delivered by fully-qualified native English speakers. Your course will be taught in English from the outset, so that you are given every opportunity to make as much progress as possible during the time that you are studying at the school.

If you speak some English already then you will take a level test on arrival. This will allow you to be placed in a suitable group with students of a similar level (of course, private lessons are also offered). Beginners are automatically placed in a group with other beginners.

If you require accommodation during your course, then we would also be pleased to provide this! For the best linguistic and cultural experience, we would recommend staying with a local host family. However, if you would prefer to be accommodated with other students, our school also offers student residence accommodation.

We understand that you will wish to explore the city and local area, as well as practice your English outside of the classroom and this is why our school offers an extensive cultural activities programme. This is also a fantastic opportunity to meet other students and make friends from all over the world! If you have any questions at all regarding our English courses in Ireland, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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