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Learn Spanish in Guatemala

Learning Spanish with our experienced, native teachers in Guatemala, you’ll leave the country not only with greatly improved Spanish skills, but also with some really amazing memories. Guatemala is rich in culture, history and wildlife, so filling your time outside the classroom won’t be difficult!

After your Spanish lessons you can explore this exotic and diverse country. Guatemala has a unique mix of Hispanic and indigenous peoples, and the locals are very friendly if you’d like to practice your Spanish with them!


Learn Spanish in Guatemala and you will study at our school in the picturesque, colonial city of Antigua, which is surrounded by three volcanoes. Admire the dramatic views, simply unwind in the Main Square or discover the city’s many architectural treasures.

The school enjoys a great location in the center of Antigua, where all classes take place around the central garden. You will have the teacher’s undivided attention in one-to-one classes, helping you to learn Spanish as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Learn Spanish  in Guatemala
Learn Spanish in Guatemala

Choose from 20, 25 or 30 lessons a week or put your Spanish to good use on one of our volunteer projects. Fit your Volunteer Work in around Spanish lessons or start helping out after your Spanish course has finished.

Witness the natural wonders of Guatemala on an ecological volunteer project, organized by the school. Or have more contact with the Guatemalan people by working in a primary school, kindergarten or orphanage.

For even more exposure to the Spanish language and the local culture, many of our students decide upon homestay accommodation in Antigua. If you’d prefer to live with other students though, we have student residences available as well.

Our activities programs allow you to get to know other students, and get a feel for the country and its culture as you learn Spanish in Guatemala. Guided tours, horseback trips and mountain bike rides are all on the agenda.

Spanish study programs in Guatemala
Spanish study programs in Guatemala

If you want to experience more of the Spanish-speaking Americas, why not combine a Guatemalan trip with some time at another of our Spanish schools? You could, for instance, continue your Spanish studies in Costa Rica, after leaving Guatemala. With a Multi-Stay course, you’ll hear different accents and get to enjoy another of our great destinations!

Guatemala is an enchanting country, and with our school there offering such dedicated expert tuition, it’s the perfect place for you to learn Spanish!

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