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Learn German in Germany

It’s obvious that if you want to learn German, you should definitely learn German in Germany. We’ll help you experience the culture, the way of life and you will mix and mingle with German locals.

We have a German course that’s right for you, no matter what your level of German. You can choose from a wide range of courses and an impressive array of destinations.

Study at our school in the bustling capital, Berlin, for example, and you can have anything from four to thirty German lessons a week. Or put your German into practice, with one of our work placement courses in the beautiful southern city of Munich.


Just an hour away from Munich is the smaller city of Augsburg, offering a slightly more tranquil setting for your German lessons. Augsburg is a thriving university city, so there will be plenty of friendly locals around to speak German with!

If you enjoy skiing or snowboarding, you’ll love Lindau! Our school on the stunning island of Lindau, at the foot of the Alps, offers an excellent German and Skiing course.

Learn German in Lindau, Germany
Learn German in Lindau, Germany

In all of our schools, activities help you get the most from your trip as you learn German in Germany. Learn German at our school in Hamburg, and you can join in with a guided tour of this historic coastal city, a trip to the Hamburg Brewery to sample some local drafts and excursions to other important towns nearby.

At our school in Munster, the activities program includes a cycle trip, film shows and visits to Cologne and Hamburg. The school, near to the center of Munster, has excellent facilities, including a multi-media center.

As well as our German courses for adults, we also have German courses for young students (aged 8-19). There are many locations to choose from, including Munich and Berlin.

Berlin is a fascinating city, brimming with history. It is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the German language and culture. The ‘Checkpoint Charlie’ museum will give you some idea of what life was like when the Berlin Wall separated the city.

Berlin is also home to many world famous monuments, including the Brandenburg gate. Why not visit some of them after your German lessons? Or enjoy some great nights out with other students and teachers, in a city which caters for all tastes.

Owing to its former position at the meeting point of East and West, Berlin became a fusion of different influences and concepts. You can appreciate the whole of Berlin from the Fernsehturm TV tower, which offers fantastic views of the city.

Our Multi-Stay course gives you the option of experiencing Berlin and Munich, Learning German with us in Munich will introduce you to a completely different side of Germany.

German study programs in Berlin, Germany
German study programs in Berlin

As the capital of the state of Bavaria, Munich has a strong regional identity. Learning German in Munich, you can witness traditional Bavarian folk-dancing and enjoy local delicacies with some excellent German beer.

When you’re away from the classroom, Munich has so much to see. The elegant Marienplatz square is the heart of Munich, but the Frauenkirche, a distinctive gothic cathedral, dominates its skyline.

Study in Munich with us, and you will soon appreciate that it is also a very modern city. The BMW headquarters, the Allianz Arena and Olympiastadion are all examples of modern engineering at its best.

You can get lots of German practice by living with one of our carefully chosen German host families. But we also have shared student accommodation and private apartments available, if you’d prefer either of those options.

Whichever of our great German schools and courses you choose, all of our teachers are native Germans with many years of experience. All in all, we can provide you with the perfect package for learning German and really enjoying the experience!


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