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Italian course Florence, Italy

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Discover beautiful Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance! This magnificent city, set amidst rolling Tuscan hills, is home to priceless artworks and thousands of years of history, and is simply bursting with places to visit and things to do! An Italian course in Florence is the perfect way to learn Italian, surrounding yourself with the sounds of the language and the countless wonders of this enchanting location.

Explore Florence following your Italian lessons. Marvel at Michaelangelo's David, find charming cafés and authentic Tuscan cuisine on narrow, medieval streets, or enjoy unforgettable vistas from the hills overlooking Florence.


Our school in Florence, Italy


Italian class at our school
Italian class at our school

The famous Ponte Vecchio bridge, spanning the river Arno, is just a short walk away from our school in the scenic center of Florence. Our school is in a fully refurbished 17th century palace, situated right on the riverside, overlooking the Ponte Vecchio bridge. The school has 10 air-conditioned classrooms, free Internet access and fantastic views of the city!

The maximum class size at our Florence school is just 12 students. So our school's experienced, native teachers can devote lots of time to improving your Italian! Two free grammar classes are also on offer each week. After lessons, get to know your fellow students as you indulge in some 'pranzo' (lunch), explore Florence's opulent palaces or practice your language skills with friendly locals!

Our Florence school:

 Number of classrooms 10
 Location In the heart of Florence, on the Arno River, close to the Ponte Vecchio
 Other facilities Free Internet access, reception / lounge area
 Cultural program Yes
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Our Italian language programs


Learning Italian at our school
Learning Italian at our school

No matter what you want from your course, how long you want to study for, or what your current level of Italian, our school will have the course for you! Study abroad for just one or two weeks, or up to nine months on an Intensive or Super Intensive course, available at all levels.

Take a Combined Course - 20 group lessons and either five or 10 Private Italian Lessons each week. The additional Private Lessons consolidate your learning, and allow you to tailor the course to suit your interests and needs. Or opt for a program consisting entirely of Private Lessons, with anything from 10 to 50 lessons per week. Such flexibility allows you to learn at your own speed!

Eager to not only learn Italian in Florence, but also to delve into the Italian past and the Italian way of life? Take our Italian & Culture course! As well as 20 Italian language lessons, you'll have four cultural lessons each week. Topics range from music to politics, cinema to folklore.

If you're 50 years-old or above, you can learn in classes exclusively for those aged 50 or older, and enjoy activities with people of your own age as well. You are, of course, more than welcome to join any of our other Italian courses. The Club 50+ courses though, offer you a glimpse into the mouth-watering world of Italian cookery, or the fascinating history of Italian art! Enjoy visits to markets and vineyards, or galleries and exhibitions. The courses run during the fall and late spring, giving you the chance to explore Florence when it's not so busy.

Our school also offers a Business Italian course in Florence, which focuses on developing your vocabulary of business terms during 10 specialist classes each week. Need to prepare for a CILS, CELI or other officially recognized examination? Where better to improve your Italian than Italy? You'll leave Florence feeling completely refreshed and confident of success in your exam!

 Courses:  Lessons per week  Max. in class  Levels
 Intensive 20 12 All
 Super Intensive 24 or 30 12 All
 Combined Course 20 + 5 12/1 All
 Combined Course 20 + 10 12/1 All
 Business Italian 10 12 Minimum Intermediate
 Italian Club 50+ (Art) 15 12 Minimum Elementary
 Italian Club 50+ (Cookery) 15 12 Minimum Elementary
 Italian & Culture 20 + 4 12 Minimum Intermediate
 Private Lessons 10 - 50 1 All
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Please contact us if you require any further information on any of our Italian courses.


Cultural program in Florence, Italy

So that you get to know both Florence and your fellow students, our school organizes a packed activities program. Enjoy a guided visit of the famous Uffizi art gallery, which first opened its doors in the 16th century, and other historical sites around the city. Trips arranged by the school allow you to experience some of the many cultural events hosted by Florence, from rock concerts to operas, ballets to jazz nights.

Our school's activity coordinators also organize evening meals and nights out in bars, introducing you to the best local nightspots and other students as well! Or spend the evening absorbed in Italian cinema at our school - a great way to widen your Italian vocabulary! If you're feeling active, join in with a game of tennis, soccer or volleyball, organized as part of the activities package.

Trips to various locations within Tuscany are also included, allowing you to experience this most beautiful part of Italy. Visit places like Pisa, with its famous leaning tower, the unforgettable city of Siena and historic Lucca.

Accommodation in Florence, Italy


Shared Apartment
Shared Apartment


Living with the locals, practicing your language skills all the time, is a great way to improve your Italian! Our school will arrange homestay accommodation with the family that best suits your needs. They'll provide you with a single or double room, breakfast or breakfast and dinner, and the chance to experience the Italian way of life!

Student Apartments

Live with other students from the school, also taking an Italian course in Florence. As your common language will be Italian, you'll get plenty of language practice, and you'll make some great friends as well! Choose from a single or double room, sharing a bathroom and kitchen with the other students.

Private Apartments

If you'd prefer a little more privacy, our school also offers private apartments. They are fully furnished, with their own kitchens and bathrooms. Some of the apartments are also equipped with TVs and telephones.

Private Studio Apartments

For a higher standard of accommodation, choose to stay in one of our school's private studio apartments, just a five-minute walk from the school! The apartments, situated just a five minute walk from the school, have their own bathrooms, kitchens, telephones satellite TV and Internet access

Find out more about Florence

For more information about this incredible city of culture, click on the link and visit the website of the Florence Tourist Board.

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Italian study programs in Italy

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