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There are a multitude of reasons for wanting to learn English. As the language of politics, science and business, it is often extremely beneficial for career reasons to be able to speak English. As a global language, English will also allow you to travel to all corners of the globe!

Take an English course with The Language Travel Company and you can choose to study in the England, Ireland, USA or Malta! Our courses are offered throughout the year, for a duration of 1-36 weeks or more!

Our schools in England and Ireland
Our schools in the USA
Our schools in Malta

Learn English in England
Learn English in England

You could learn English in the UK, the cradle of the language, where rolling green hills meet cosmopolitan cities. Cambridge and Oxford are excellent choices for students who wish to study in historic cities with a wealth of culture. There is also the opportunity to learn English in vibrant Brighton, one of England’s most popular seaside locations! London, the capital city, is another option and offers not only beautiful, historic monuments but also some of the best nightlife in the UK!

Ireland is a magical country, with a strong sense of cultural identity, as well as incredible natural beauty! Our English school in Ireland is located in Dublin, a city famous for literature and music, as well as the incredibly hospitable locals!

Learn English in the USA
Learn English in the USA

Many of our students choose to learn English in the USA as the country’s influence now reaches all around the world. Particularly prominent in the film and music industry, the USA’s vast media output is often the incentive for many to learn English, as well as a fantastic means by which to improve their level! You can choose between New York City, Boston and Los Angeles for your English course.

We also offer the opportunity to learn English in the Mediterranean, in beautiful Malta! One of Malta’s most-loved coastal resorts, Sliema is a wonderful choice for your course as you can combine English lessons with relaxing afternoons on the beach or in one of the many fabulous cafes and restaurants, or marvel at the stunning historic architecture.

Learn English in Malta
Learn English in Malta

Regardless of which school you choose, you will be taught by fully-qualified, native English speakers. If you choose the ‘Semi-Intensive’, ‘Intensive’ or ‘Super-Intensive’ course then you will be placed in a group with students of a similar level to yourself.

In addition to your language course, we can also arrange accommodation for the period that you are studying at one of our schools. The accommodation options vary slightly from school to school, but often include host family, student residence, shared or private apartment options.

We understand that as well as studying English, you wish to discover the local area and culture, as well as make friends from all over the world and, most importantly, enjoy yourself! This is why most of our schools offer a cultural activities programme. Activities are always optional and often include visits to museums and other local places of interest amongst other things! Some activities may incur an additional charge, usually to cover the costs of entrance fees and transport.

We know our English language schools well and therefore would be very pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding our English courses, so please do not hesitate to contact us.


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