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Learn Arabic in Egypt

The breathtaking land of the Pharaohs will capture your imagination if you learn Arabic in Egypt! Study on one of our Arabic courses in Cairo and talk to the locals in Arabic, to quickly improve your language skills.

Egypt is an ancient country, full of wondrous sights just waiting for you to discover them! Epic temples, awe-inspiring monuments and fascinating artworks draw millions of tourists to Egypt every year.


Of course, the most famous and impressive Egyptian monuments are the Pyramids at Giza, just outside Cairo. They are the only surviving wonder of the Seven Ancients Wonders of the World. Close by is the mysterious figure of the Sphinx, which lay under the dunes, almost forgotten, for hundreds of years. Our school in Cairo organizes regular excursions to these sites.

Arabic language programs in Egypt
Arabic language programs in Egypt

When you’re not learning Arabic in the classroom, there’s so much to see and do in Cairo, Egypt’s bustling capital! Indulge in some shopping, either in modern mall complexes or exotic bazaars. Then take a break from shopping in one of the hundreds of coffee houses, where locals meet to discuss everything from politics to sport. Later, why not enjoy some Egyptian cuisine and traditional entertainment in one of Cairo’s great restaurants?

Exploring Cairo and chatting with the locals will really help your understanding of Arabic. Our Egyptian Colloquial Arabic course will teach you ‘Aameya’, the form of Arabic most commonly spoken. Take our Modern Standard Arabic course to understand the written ‘Fousha’ form of Arabic, used by most of the media. Our Combined Course incorporates both forms of Arabic, allowing you to understand spoken and written Arabic.

Learn Arabic in Egypt
Learn Arabic in Egypt

All of our courses are open to all levels, so whether you’re a complete beginner or already have an advanced understanding of Arabic, you can learn Arabic in Egypt with us! Our teachers are all highly-skilled, native Egyptians, with years of experience in teaching language students.

To help you get to know the language, the Egyptian culture and Egypt even better, our school organizes a program of cultural activities. Join your fellow students and let professional guides tell you the secrets of the Pyramids and the Sphinx, experience Islamic Cairo and Coptic Cairo, and visit the ancient city of Alexandria, on the Nile Delta.

You can share accommodation with other students from the school. Enjoy the high-quality rooms and convenience of our student residence, in the same building as our school, or stay in a well-furnished shared apartment, arranged by the school. Centrally-located hotel accommodation can also be organized for you, if you’d prefer.

Everything is taken care of for you if you choose to learn Arabic in Egypt with us! Just come prepared to learn Arabic and fall in love with the wonderful land of Egypt!  


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