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Learn Spanish in Ecuador

Learn Spanish in the extraordinary country of Ecuador! Stay at our school in the capital, Quito, or at our school in Cuenca and absorb Ecuador’s rich and diverse culture as you study.

An extremely varied land, Ecuador can boast Amazonian rain forest, spectacular Andean mountain peaks and exquisite golden beaches. Inca ruins and colonial cities demonstrate the contribution that man has made in this beautiful country.


Study Spanish at our Quito school and enjoy the city’s spectacular location. It sits in a valley 9,000 feet above sea-level, watched over by the Guagua Pichincha volcano. When you’re not learning in the classroom, there is plenty to see and do. Visit the Museo del Banco Central, which details Ecuador’s history and art.

Learn Spanish in Quito, Ecuador
Learn Spansish in Quito

Explore the Old Town of Quito, with its well-preserved colonial architecture, lively bars and restaurants and locals selling traditional foods. See if you can re-create some of those dishes in cookery classes organized by our Quito school. Latin dance lessons are also included on the activities package, which gives you opportunity to put your Spanish into practice!

Cuenca, to the South of Quito, is an equally fascinating place to learn Spanish in. This city of four rivers, with many scenic parks to relax in, is set amidst the breathtaking landscape of the Andes.

Discover countless colonial treasures, including a church for every Sunday in the year. Barter in Spanish with tradesmen at the excellent Indian market. Or step back in time with a visit to the ancient Inca site of Ingapirca, close to Cuenca.

Spanish classes at our Cuenca school have a maximum of five students, so you will get lots of close attention from our expert Ecuadorean teachers. To learn Spanish even more quickly, private courses are available, offering as many as 40 lessons a week.

If you want to learn more about the local traditions, our Spanish and Arts/Crafts course at Cuenca is for you. At our Quito school, take the Cloud Forest Spanish Course to combine Spanish lessons with trekking, horse riding and guided walks in the unforgettable Andes.

Learn Spanish in Cuenca, Ecuador
Learn Spanish in Cuenca

You can study on most courses regardless of your level of Spanish.

Both of our schools will arrange accommodation for your stay. The best option for learning Spanish is to live with an Ecuardorean host family, carefully checked by the school.

That way, you will use the language more often and experience the local way of life. If you prefer, though, you could share apartments or a student residence with your classmates.

All you need to do is decide which of our courses and locations is for you. Then you’re ready to start your Spanish voyage of discovery in Ecuador!

Spanish courses in Quito Spanish courses in Cuenca


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