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Learn Spanish in The Dominican Republic

Learn Spanish in a tropical island paradise with The Language Travel Company! We have a school in Santo Domingo, the capital, and another in Sosua, a beautiful beachside location.

The Dominican Republic is a beautiful country, and with friendly Spanish-speaking locals, it is a great place for you to learn the language, no matter what your level of Spanish.


The colourful and varied nature of the Dominican Republic reflects its colourful history. Amerindian, French, Spanish and African influences all come together to spectacular effect.

Learn Spanish in the Dominican Republic, and appreciate its rich culture and the amazing diversity of the land itself. Dramatic mountain ranges and wild rainforests give way to stunning beaches as you reach the shore.

Learn Spanish  in The Dominican Republic
Learn Spanish in The Dominican Republic

Sosua, on the Dominican Republic’s northern Atlantic coast, boasts beautiful white-sand beaches. The conditions are perfect for watersports, and our Sosua school has combined Spanish and Windsurfing/Kitesurfing courses for you watersports addicts!

You can choose to have either 20 or 30 Spanish lessons a week at the school. Stay in an on-site studio apartment, or in one of the school’s nearby private apartments.

When Spanish lessons are finished for the day, relax at the beach, only a few minutes walk away. Become hypnotized by the beautiful contrast of pure white sands, turquoise waters, perfectly blue skies and lush green rain forest.

If you want to explore some more of the country as you learn Spanish in the Dominican Republic, our Sosua school offers a unique ‘Travelling Classroom’ option. For 2 weeks, your Spanish lessons will move to different locations in the Dominican Republic. The tour will take you to the mountains of Jarabacoa, the capital, Santo Domingo and the beaches of Las Terrenas before returning to Sosua.

We also have an excellent school in the capital. Santo Domingo was the first place that Christopher Columbus settled in the ‘New World’. You’ll find that it’s full of history and great local cuisine too!

Spanish study programs in The Dominican Republic
Spanish study programs in The Dominican Republic

Only 30 minutes away is Boca Chica, Santo Domingo’s own superb beach, where you can unwind following Spanish lessons. In the evenings, join us and your fellow students at the bar, on walking tours, or at dance shows.

Living with one of our host families in Santo Domingo is a great way to learn Spanish quickly. But you might prefer to socialize with other students in shared student apartments, or the privacy and comfort of your own hotel room.

At both Sosua and Santo Domingo, we have a great selection of Spanish courses. All of our local teachers are experienced in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. So follow in the footsteps of Christopher Colombus and discover this tropical haven for yourself with one of our great Spanish courses!


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