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Spanish immersion program in Cuenca, Ecuador

Our School Our Spanish courses Accommodation


Cuenca is often called the ‘Athens of the Andes’ and it is easy to see why! You will find beautiful historic buildings and cobbled streets running through this vibrant and unspoilt city. Cuenca is home to one of the most important universities in Ecuador so you will find a youthful and vibrant population and all the excellent amenities that you would expect to find in a modern university city. What’s more, Cuenca’s wonderfully preserved colonial market squares are full of bars, cafés and colorful market stalls.

You will also find that Cuenca is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and is the perfect base for you if you would like to discover Ecuador’s great outdoors. You can go hiking in the Andes, explore the Amazonian rainforests or even take a trip to the Galapagos islands!


Our School in Cuenca, Ecuador

Spanish lesson at our school
Spanish lesson at our school

You will find our Spanish school in Cuenca located in a fantastic position in the center of the city, overlooking the Barranco river. The school has its own gardens where you can take time between classes, and sample a delicious snack from one of the local cafes!

Our school is also equipped with a library and video room where you can practice everything you will learn during your Spanish immersion program in Cuenca.

Our Cuenca school:

 Internet Café   There are nearby internet cafes in Cuenca which students may use
 Location Town center
 Other facilities Private gardens, student library, video room
 Cultural program Yes
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Our Spanish language programs

Students in the school gardens
Students in the school gardens

At our Spanish school in Ecuador you will receive the very highest standards of teaching and care. All teachers are fully qualified and are native Spanish speakers. You will also find you benefit from a maximum class size of just 5 students!

To help you gain a deeper understanding of the Ecuador’s fascinating history and local traditions, all our courses include 4 cultural lessons per week, in addition to your Spanish lessons.

If you have any questions about our study abroad program in Cuenca, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Minimum age: 18 years

 Courses:  Lessons per week  Max. in class  Levels
 Intensive 20 + 4 5 All
 Combined 20 + 5 5/1 All
 Intensive Combined 20 + 4 + 10 5/1 Mininmum Intermediate
 Intensive / Arts & Crafts 20 + 4 + 10 5/1 Mininmum Intermediate
 Private lessons 20 + 4 1 All
 Private lessons 25 + 4 1 All
 Private lessons 30 + 4 1 All
 Private lessons 40 + 4 1 All
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Cultural Program

Our Spanish school in Cuenca offers a full cultural program. Included in your fees are guided walks around Cuenca, film evenings and parties in the school. Our school also offers optional excursions such as hiking in the Andes, visiting an Amazon Indian village and trips to Galapagos Islands.

Accommodation in Cuenca, Ecuador


To experience the real Ecuador we suggest a home stay with a local family which has been carefully chosen by the accommodation officers at our school. A homestay during your Spanish immersion program in Cuenca is a wonderful way to improve your Spanish and experience first hand the fantastic local hospitality.


If you would like the convenience of staying in a hotel during your study abroad program in Cuenca we are able to arrange either twin or single room, bed and breakfast accommodation in a 3-star hotel.

Private apartment

We offer private apartment accommodation for any student who would like the independence of having their own kitchen and bathroom during their Spanish course.

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Spanish language programs in Ecuador

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