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Learn Chinese

Discover Chinese and the mystical land of China! Learn Chinese in China at one of our specialist Chinese language schools, and you will pick up the language in no time!

You will also have a great time experiencing all that this ancient country has to offer. Witness the splendour of the Forbidden City, The Temple of Heaven and countless other historical sights in the capital, Beijing. Then join an excursion, organized by our school, to see the magnificent Great Wall of China!


Study at our school in Shanghai to see the stylish, ultra-modern face of China. Or, if you’d prefer beautiful beaches to the hustle and bustle of Beijing and Shanghai, we also have a school in the coastal city of Qingdao.

Whichever of our Chinese schools you decide upon, you will get first-class tuition from native Chinese teachers. All of our teachers are experienced in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.

There are various course options, so you can choose a course to suit your needs. If you want to fully immerse yourself in Chinese and China’s culture, you could take a Work Placement course in Beijing, lasting six months. Hoping to learn Chinese quickly? A two-week long, one-to-one course, with undivided attention from your teacher, might be right for you. Our Chinese courses are all offered at a range of levels, so there will certainly be one to suit you.

Perhaps you want to learn more than just the language. We have specialist courses, such as Chinese Painting or Tai Chi, as well as other subjects, all of which you can take as you learn Chinese in China. On all of our courses, you can also take part in several activities, organized by our schools, to help you get a real taste of Chinese culture and allow you to practice your language skills with the locals.

Chinese language programs in China
Chinese language programs in China

Learn at our school in Qingdao, for instance, and you can see Chinese life at first-hand with a half-day visit to a Chinese home. With our Beijing school, you can enjoy traditional Chinese entertainment at a tea house.

People have lived in Beijing for more than two thousand years, so the city is teeming with history. Discover the evidence after your Chinese lessons. From Mongol ruins to Tiananmen Square, Beijing has many treasures. Beijing is also a very modern and forward-looking city, as it demonstrated in its superb hosting of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

There is so much to see and do in Shanghai, China’s biggest city! Away from the classroom, explore the miles of fashionable shops, take in some Chinese Art at the Shanghai Museum or experience the city’s vibrant nightlife.

Study Chinese at our Qingdao school, and you will see a different side to China. This beautiful city, formerly owned by Germany, is a unique fusion of Chinese and German influences. When your Chinese lessons are finished for the day, you can relax on Qingdao’s stunning beaches with a bottle of the city’s famous Tsingtao beer.

Choose to learn Chinese with us in Qingdao and you will stay close to the sea, in a charming guest-house, where en-suite accommodation is arranged by our school. Our Shanghai school also offers accommodation in a guest-house or in comfortable shared apartments.

Our Beijing school can also arrange shared apartments, should you choose our school in the capital. If you want your own space, our school can organize private apartment or hotel accommodation. Or if you’d like to totally immerse yourself in the Chinese language and culture, live with one of our carefully selected Chinese families in a homestay option.

So there’s a huge choice if you choose to learn Chinese in China at one of our schools. Experience Beijing, Shanghai or Qingdao and have a great time as you study the language in this fascinating country!


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