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Chinese courses in China

If you’re interested in learning Chinese, then where better than to learn Chinese in China? You’ll soon be speaking Chinese confidently and you’ll also get to experience this fascinating country!

You could study at our school in the capital, Beijing, which was such a fantastic host  for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games! Or experience life in the exciting city of Shanghai while you improve your Chinese at our school there. We also have a school in the scenic city of Qingdao, where many Chinese people choose to holiday.


No matter which of our schools you decide upon, you’ll become completely immersed in Chinese and Chinese culture. In China, few locals speak English, so you’ll be putting your Chinese language skills to use all the time!

Our schools teach Mandarin Chinese, the most widely spoken language in the world! We have a team of dedicated, native Chinese teachers, all of whom are experienced in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Our courses run at a variety of different levels, so we’ll have a course for that’s right for you, even if you’re completely new to Chinese.

China is a magnificent land, with areas of stunning natural beauty offering shelter to rare and exotic wildlife, and man-made wonders set against dramatic landscapes. China was home to one of the earliest civilizations on Earth, and reminders of its rich historical heritage are everywhere.

Chinese language programs in China
Chinese language programs in China

More than 2,200 years ago, the first Chinese Emperor created a massive army of terracotta warriors to serve him in the afterlife, and today you can see this impressive sight in Xian, central China. Or visit the 71 metre high Giant Buddha, carved out of a cliff face near the city of Leshan. Although China is a massive country, its transport links are constantly being improved and fares on public transport are very inexpensive.

The most famous sight in China is undoubtedly the Great Wall, a well-preserved part of which is near Beijing. In 1972, this section of the Great Wall staged a momentous meeting between Richard Nixon and Li Xiannian, the Communist Vice Premier of the time.

Beijing is brimming with history, but it is also at the heart of modern Chinese culture. You’ll find traditional market stalls alongside massive malls, and pubs quietly playing Chinese music next to buzzing international bars.

Shanghai, the ‘Paris of the East’, also boasts great nightlife, with mile upon mile of bright lights and venues to cater for every taste. You’re also spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out in Shanghai. Savour time-honoured Chinese dishes, or enjoy fusion food and fabulous views from a prestigious restaurant in the Pudong district.

Study at our school in Qingdao for a slower pace of life. In Chinese, Qingdao means ‘Green island’, and although the city is actually situated on a peninsula, it is easy to see where the name comes from. Wooded hillsides descend gently into idyllic sheltered bays, perfect for relaxing after Chinese lessons!

There are a variety of course options available if you want learn Chinese in China with us. Choose a pace of learning that suits you, with programs ranging from 10 to 30 Chinese lessons each week. Take Private Lessons if you’d like personalized classes, focusing on areas of the language that you need to work on.

Chinese study programs in China
Chinese study programs in China

Our school’s program of activities and excursions will also help to improve your Chinese. You can interact with Chinese people as you see local attractions, discover Chinese traditions and take part in sporting activities.

Don’t worry about finding accommodation in China. Our school will arrange a place for you to live. Whether you’d like the convenience of living next to your school in a school residence, the luxury of a four-star hotel, or the experience of staying in an authentic Chinese guest house, we’ll have an option that’s right for you!

With China pushing ahead with development at full speed, it is an exciting time to visit China. Simply choose from our great range of locations and courses, and you’re ready to begin your Chinese adventure!


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