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Learn Spanish in Chile

Choosing to study Spanish abroad, in a Spanish-speaking country, will allow you to learn the language quickly! We have a language school in Chile, an amazing country of contrasts.

From the sweltering Atacama Desert to the frozen wastelands of Tierre del Fuego on the Southern tip, Chile demonstrates how extreme and breathtaking nature can be. There is also a wonderfully rich and diverse culture for you to experience as you learn Spanish in Chile!


Our school is in the modern city of Santiago de Chile, Chile’s capital. After Spanish lessons, indulge in some shopping, admire the views of the snow-capped Andes, or venture up into the mountains for skiing or snowboarding.

In the evenings, why not try ordering in Spanish at one of Santiago’s fine restaurants? Then you could enjoy the city’s bustling nightlife, with its bohemian bars, busy nightclubs and live music.

You’ll pick up Spanish quickly at our school in Santiago, thanks to highly-qualified, native teachers and class sizes of just six.

Courses include a specialist Spanish and Skiing course and Spanish and a Work Placement course. You can study with us if you’re a beginner or even if you have an advanced level of Spanish, as our courses are all available at a range of levels.

A multi-stay Spanish course would allow you to sample life in Chile and another Latin American country as well. For instance, you could learn Spanish at our Santiago school, and then go on to study at our school in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A multi-stay study abroad program will enable you to experience another Hispanic country and culture, and lets you hear a different Spanish accent.

To immerse yourself totally in the language and the local culture, stay with one of our carefully chosen host families. Or you can live with your fellow students in comfortable shared apartment accommodation.

Our Santiago school organizes a full activities program to complement your Spanish studies. Excursions to the picturesque city of Vina del Mar and Valparaiso, an historic port city, let you discover more of Chile, its history and culture. Also on the agenda are horse-riding trips and white-water rafting!

So our language school in Chile has to plenty to offer you, not just the chance to learn Spanish, but also the opportunity to experience all that Chilean culture has to offer!


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