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French course Chambéry, France

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A French course in Chambéry will introduce you to the real France! Chambéry is a charming, traditional French town, just a short journey from world-famous ski resorts like Val d’Isere and Les Arcs! This is a town steeped in history - the powerful House of Savoy once held court in the impressive Château de Chambéry.

Amidst the narrow, medieval streets, you’ll find elegant restaurants and cafés where you can indulge in delicious local cheeses and wines. Or, you could conjure up your own feast with ingredients from the local market, where traders will be happy to help you practise your French!


Our school in Chambéry, France

Inside our school
Inside our school

Enjoy learning French in the magnificent surroundings of an 18th century château, complete with its own landscaped gardens! Our school is perfectly positioned, standing just a short walk away from the medieval town center.

The inside of the château has been fully renovated, yet still retains it original character. Facilities at the school include a student lounge, study room, free wireless Internet access and computer room.

Our school in Chambéry:

 Location In the extensive grounds of an old château, only 10 minutes away from Chambéry town center
 Other facilities

Student lounge, study room, free wireless Internet access, computer room

 Cultural program Yes
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Our French language programs

French lesson at our school in Chambéry
French lesson at our school in Chambéry

The average class size for beginners at our Chambéry school is just 10 students, while classes at all other levels contain an average of 14 students. All lessons are taught by highly-qualified, native teachers, so you’ll soon be speaking French with confidence!

The Semi-intensive French course in Chambéry is for designed for people who already have a fair understanding of French. Consisting of 12 lessons over 3 days of the week, it gives you 4 free days each week to explore the beautiful region of Savoy! If you need more French lessons, you could learn French in Chambéry on either the Intensive or Super-intensive course, both available at every level!

Why not experience the glorious French Alps while you study in France? Our school’s French and Skiing course includes 16 French lessons, 10 professional skiing classes, all transport to ski resorts, ski-lift passes and a full day skiing trip!

 Courses:  Lessons per week  Max. in class  Levels
 Semi-intensive 12 18 Minimum intermediate
 Intensive 20 18 All
 Super-intensive 30 6 All
 French and Skiing 16 + 10 18 All

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about Chambéry or our school.

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Cultural Program in Chambéry, France

To help you have a truly memorable time in France, our school organizes a variety of cultural and social activities. Improve your French by watching French-language films, socialize with your fellow students at school parties, and sample wonderful Savoy wines and cheeses on tasting sessions!

Our school’s activity organizers also arrange optional excursions, showing you the best of the area around Chambéry. Visit beautiful locations like Lyon, Annecy, Chamonix and even the Swiss city of Geneva


Winter Sports conditions are excellent
Winter Sports conditions are excellent


Get a real taste of French culture as you learn French in Chambéry – live in homestay accommodation! It’s the best way to achieve total immersion in French, as you’ll use your newly-acquired language skills all the time. Your local family will provide you with 2 meals per day, or just breakfast, depending upon your preference. Our school takes great care when selecting local hosts, guaranteeing you a warm welcome to France!

Student Apartments

If you’d prefer to prepare your own meals, and have a little more independence, our school also organizes shared student apartments. You’ll get to know people from all over the world as you enjoy life in the center of Chambéry!

If you’d like further details on a French course in Chambéry or on the town itself, please contact us. The Chambéry Office of Tourism website also has a wealth of information on this beautiful town.

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