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Learn French in Canada

Want to learn French? You can learn French in Canada, just across the US border, in the French-speaking province of Québec! We have two schools in Canada, one in Montreal, the largest bilingual city in the world, and another in Québec City, the stunning provincial capital.

Unforgettable scenery, masses of culture and so much to see and do, Canada is a great place to study! You’ll be lost for words at the natural beauty that Canada has to offer. Gaze in awe at dramatic waterfalls, massive mountains covered with immaculate snow, and ancient forests reflected perfectly in crystalline lakes. The wildlife north of the border is just as spectacular. Canada is a vast country, and is home to polar bears, moose and killer whales, to name but a few of the amazing species on show.


Learn French at our school in Montreal, and you’ll see that Canada is also a very modern and bustling country. Enormous skyscrapers, famous art galleries and busy bars and restaurants line the streets, alongside beautiful historic buildings, full of ‘old world’ charm.

Québec City too, is brimming with history. In 2008 the city celebrates its 400th anniversary with a series of spectacular events and shows! Almost as old as the city itself are its impressive fortifications, close to which lie la Citadelle and the iconic symbol of Québec, the lavish Château Frontenac.

Montreal enjoys a breathtaking location overlooked by forested hills, on an island encircled by two rivers. This picture-perfect setting is a fantastic backdrop for your French lessons, and makes Montreal a great place for winter sports, particularly skiing and ice-skating.

Learn French in Canada
Learn French in Canada

If you’re a shopaholic, Montreal is the place for you! From famous high-street stores to unique boutiques, the city has thousands of shops, including many in Montreal’s famous underground city. Québec also boasts an excellent selection of shops, where you can find everything from medieval costumes to Inuit carvings.

Alongside your course, our schools run extensive activities programs, allowing you to discover Canadian culture and socialize with other students as you learn French in Canada! Leisure time activities also give you the chance to see more of Canada, with a variety of excursions on offer at both schools.

There is also plenty of choice when it comes to choosing your French course in Canada. Both of our schools offer a range of language programs, so you can tailor your studies to suit your needs. Study for anything from a week, up to a whole academic year! You could take a Work Experience course in Montreal and truly get to know the French language, Canada and the Canadian people.

Learn French in Canada
Learn French in Canada

Choose a homestay option and you can learn French with your host family too! If you live with one of our carefully selected Canadian families, you can practice your French with the locals and learn more about their culture at the same time. Or you could stay with your fellow students, share a kitchen, and get to know students from all around the world!

Canada has something for everybody, and so do our language schools. With a great variety of courses and activities, we’re sure to have the right course for you!


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