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Learn Portuguese in Brazil

You’ll have a trip to remember if you learn Portuguese in Brazil! From wild rain forests to idyllic beaches, colonial streets to modern luxury, Brazil is amazingly diverse. We have a school in the exciting city of Salvador da Bahia and another school in the beach haven of Maceió.

This is a country full of unspoilt natural wonders, overflowing with history and culture, just waiting for you to explore it! Travel down the Amazon and discover a myriad of fascinating animal and plant species. Or sample the festival atmosphere in one of Brazil’s vibrant cities.


Salvador da Bahia is one of the oldest cities in South America and is full of history. After your Portuguese lessons, wander around its streets and glimpse ornate palaces, magnificent churches and all manner of colourful colonial architecture.

Salvador also has a rich African heritage, which you can see in every aspect of local life, from dance to dress. During your free time in Salvador, dance the samba, indulge in some tasty local delicacies or simply unwind on the beautiful beach.

Portuguese study programs in Maceió
Portuguese study programs in Maceió

Maceió, further up the Brazilian coastline, is famous for its glorious beaches. Pristine sands, inviting turquoise waters and clear blue skies make Maceió a magnet for those in search of complete relaxation.

Choose to study with us in Maceió and you will also have some great nights out. Once Portuguese lessons are finished for the day, why not head to one of the city’s bustling bars or clubs to practice your language skills with the locals?

Learn Portuguese in Brazil with us, and you will soon get to know the local culture. Our schools run activities programs to give you insight into Brazilian life.

One of the activities organized by our Maceió schoolis a trip to the Rei Pele stadium, named after the legendary footballer, Pele. Stay in Salvador da Bahia and you can join our guided tours of the city, and experience the local dances and dishes on our school’s activity program.

If you want to delve deeper into Brazilian dancing or cooking, our Salvador school has a course for you! You can combine Portuguese lessons with professional lessons in Samba and Brazilian Dance or lessons in Bahian Cuisine. One of the specialist courses on offer at our Maceió school is a course in medical Portuguese.

Portuguese study programs in Salvador da Bahia
Portuguese study programs in Salvador da Bahia

All of courses are taught by native, Portuguese-speaking teachers, who have many years of experience. You can study on most of our courses regardless of your level, different courses cater for different speeds of learning and you decide how long you want to study for. So we’re sure to have an option that’s right for you!

Why not choose homestay accommodation with a friendly Brazilian family, allowing you to see the local culture and traditions up close? Our schools check our Brazilian families and their homes thoroughly, to ensure that your stay is as enjoyable as possible.

Homestay accommodation can also be arranged by our school in Salvador. Practice your Portuguese over some delicious Bahian dishes! Our Salvador school can also organize accommodation for you if you’d prefer the privacy of a hotel or guest house.

Amid the great natural splendour and electrifying bustle of Brazil, you will learn Portuguese quickly and have an unforgettable time!



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