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French course Bordeaux, France

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The atmospheric city of Bordeaux, with its world-famous vineyards, fascinating history and beautiful beaches nearby, is the perfect place to learn French! Take a French course in Bordeaux with us, and you simply won’t want to leave this wonderful city!

Beautiful 18th century buildings and delicious French delicacies await you at every turn in Bordeaux. Take a walk down the elegant Rue Sainte-Catherine, Europe’s longest shopping street. Or discover the vibrant Bordelaise culture (and the local wine), in one of the city’s many stylish bars!


Our school in Bordeaux, France

School patio and gardens
School patio and gardens

The very center of Bordeaux, with its stunning monuments and pleasant green areas, is home to our school. Following your French lessons, take a leisurely walk along the banks of the Garonne, stopping to refuel at a café. Visit the neighboring Dordogne region, where countless medieval castles rise up out of the spectacular French countryside.

Or you could simply relax and socialize in the school’s own gardens. The 19th century school building is full of character and style. It has 15 air-conditioned classrooms, a comfortable lounge and Internet café. Our Bordeaux school is a great place to study abroad!

Our Bordeaux school:

 Number of classrooms 15
 Location Center of Bordeaux, near the Esplanade des Quinconces
 Other facilities Computer room, private gardens, lounge
 Cultural program Yes
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Our French language programs

Teachers at our school
Teachers at our school

No matter what you’re looking for from your French course in Bordeaux, with a huge range of courses, our school is sure to have the right one for you! The Standard, Intensive and Super Intensive courses consist of 20, 26 and 30 French lessons per week, respectively. These courses have a maximum class size of just 12 students. So you can communicate with your fellow students, yet you’ll still have plenty of personal attention from experienced, native tutors.

For even more individual attention from our school’s well-qualified teachers, take a Combined Course, offering both group and Private Lessons. Or choose a program made up solely of Private Lessons, if you want highly-customized tuition as you learn French in Bordeaux.

If you like, choose a "French at Teacher’s Home" course to fully immerse yourself in the French language and culture. They will provide you with full board accommodation as well. Practice your French over some authentic French home-cooking!

Discover how to create those mouth-watering French dishes with our French Culture and Gastronomy course. This course also introduces you to historic Bordeaux, the stunning beaches of Arcachon and Saint-Émilion, famous for its excellent wines. To spend more time exploring the world of French wine, take our school’s French and Wine course! You’ll find a complete list of our Bordeaux school’s French courses below.

 Courses:  Lessons per week  Max. in class  Levels
Standard 20 12 All
Intensive 26 12 All
Super Intensive 30 12 All
Combined Course 20 + 4 12/1 All
Combined Course 20 + 6 12/1 All
Combined Course 20 + 8 12/1 All
Combined Course 20 + 10 12/1 All
French Culture & Gastronomy 20 12 Minimum Elementary
French & Wine 20 12 Minimum Elementary
Legal French 20 + 10 12 Minimum Elementary
Medical French 20 + 10 12 Minimum Elementary
French at Teacher’s Home 15, 20, 25 or 30 1 All
Private Lessons 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 1 All
Business French 20 + 10 12 Minimum Elementary
French for Teachers 24 15 Minimum Intermediate
Work Placement  - - Minimum Elementary
Gap Year 20 12 Minimum Elementary
DELF Course A1 30 12 Minimum Elementary
DELF Course B1 40 12 Minimum Intermediate
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Cultural program in Bordeaux, France


Students relaxing in school common room
Students relaxing in school common room

We want you to have a great time while you study abroad! So our school arranges a packed activities program, designed to show you the best of Bordeaux, and give you opportunities to put your French into use!

Amongst the complimentary activities on offer, are guided city walks, French movie-nights and trips to see the work of local painters and photographers. Get a feel for Bordeaux and French culture!

The school also organizes a wide variety of optional events and excursions, at reasonable prices. Take a boat trip along the Garonne river, enjoy professional cheese and wine tasting sessions, or enjoy incredible views from the Dune of Pyla, Europe’s highest sand dune!

Accommodation in Bordeaux, France



French and wine tasting
French and wine tasting

To really experience the French way of life, live with the locals! Your carefully selected homestay family will immediately make you feel at home, and will provide you with two meals each weekday, and three meals per day at the weekend. Our school works hard to ensure that students are matched with the most suitable family.

French at Teacher’s Home

You can choose to live with one of our school’s friendly teachers. Your teacher will ensure that you see the best of Bordeaux, and supply you with three meals a day.

Studio Apartments

If you’d prefer to have your own space as you take a French course in Bordeaux, our school can provide accommodation in well-equipped studio apartments. The school is easily accessible from all apartments, either by tram or on foot.


Why not enjoy a little more luxury? Our school can arrange reasonable rates at a range of hotels in the city, all conveniently located.

For more information about this magnificent city, please contact us, or click on the link to visit the official website of the Bordeaux Tourist Office.

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