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Learn Spanish in Bolivia

The fascinating land of Bolivia is a great place to learn Spanish! From freezing Andean peaks to fiery volcanoes, dry mountain plains to flooded Amazonian rain forests, Bolivia is amazingly diverse!

Learn Spanish in Bolivia and experience its blend of different cultures. You can practice your Spanish with the indigenous Aymara or Quechuas Amerindians, discover their traditions and hear age-old tales passed down through the generations. Visit Tiahuanaco, the ruined city near Lake Titicaca in the north, built by an ancient and mysterious people.


Our school in Bolivia is in Sucre, a picturesque, but vibrant, university city. Sucre is known as ‘la ciudad blanca’ (‘the white city’) due to its rows of whitewashed buildings. Following lessons in Spanish, take a walk through Sucre’s streets and appreciate its beautiful colonial architecture. You will see another side of Bolivia in the villages surrounding Sucre, where indigenous people have a different way of life and wear traditional clothing.

We will arrange an activities program for you, designed to improve your Spanish, and give you a glimpse of the local way of life as you learn Spanish in Bolivia. Activities include cookery classes, Latin dance lessons and parties. You will also be taken to local Indian markets, where you can use your Spanish skills to find yourself a bargain!

Learn Spanish in Sucre, Bolivia
Learn Spanish in Sucre

Due to the way that our courses are organized, your Spanish should improve quickly. Classes at our Sucre school are kept to a maximum of just four students per group, so you will have plenty of individual attention from our highly-qualified Bolivian teachers. Or opt for private one-to-one lessons, for even more personal tuition.

Choose from 20, 25 or 30 Spanish lessons a week. You can take most of our courses regardless of your level, with the exceptions of the Spanish Business, Culture and Spanish and Volunteer Work courses, for which you must be at intermediate level.

Let us take care of your accommodation for your stay in Bolivia. Our school in Sucre arranges homestays with carefully selected Bolivian families, allowing you to immerse yourself in the Spanish language and the local culture. Or maybe you’d prefer to socialize with your fellow students, in which case the school can arrange a place for you in self-catering residences.

If you’d like to see more of Latin America, study on one of our exciting Multi-Stay Courses! Divide your Spanish studies between two or more great locations. You could, for example, have a month of Spanish lessons in Bolivia, move onto our school in Cusco, Peru for another month, and then complete your Spanish classes at one of our schools in Ecuador.

We arrange everything for you, so all you have to do is choose how you’d like to learn Spanish and experience the wonderful land of Bolivia!

Spanish courses in Sucre, Bolivia


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