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French course Biarritz, France

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Biarritz is a surfing paradise! This gorgeous town in south-west France boasts spectacular waves and superb beaches, so you can enjoy a variety of water sports or simply bask in the sun. Biarritz is also home to an authentically French culture, making a French course in Biarritz the ideal way to learn the language. If you also want to learn how to surf while you study French, our school offers a fantastic French and Surfing program!

For a taste of French style and sophistication, browse the designer shops around Place Clemenceau. Then taste something a little sweeter at the Museum of Chocolate. Improve your language skills by trying your French out with the locals, or try your luck at the casino!


Our school in Biarritz, France

French lesson at our school
French lesson at our school

Biarritz’s town center and its wonderful beaches are both within easy reach of our school. Within the modern school building are 15 air-conditioned classrooms, a study room, computer room with Internet access, student lounge and patio area where refreshments are available at break times.

All teachers at our school are well-qualified and experienced in teaching French as a foreign language. Best of all, they are all very patient and understanding.

Our school in Biarritz:

 Air-conditioning Yes
 Number of classrooms 15
 Location Close to beautiful Lake Marion, within easy reach of the town center and beaches
 Other facilities

Study room, patio area, student lounge, computer room with Internet access

 Cultural program Yes
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Our French language programs

Surfing lesson
Surfing lesson

Learn French in Biarritz the way you want to, at your own pace! Our school offers a wide variety of courses, so you can choose the course that suits you best!

The Standard French course in Biarritz consists of 20 classes per week, while the Intensive course gives you an extra 6 French lessons every week. These courses are based upon same-level group lessons, but Private Lessons are also available. You can have the benefit of your teachers’ individual attention for as many Private Lessons as you require each week. Alternatively, take a Combined course and practice your French with other students in group classes, before customizing your one-to-one lessons to suit your interests or specific requirements.

Why not take advantage of Biarritz’s excellent surfing conditions – learn how to surf with our school’s French and Surf course! Or, discover the world of golf on courses overlooking the glistening Atlantic, with the Golf and French program at our school. Both courses comprise 20 French lessons per week, with professional lessons in either surfing or golf in the afternoons.

If you’re aged 50 or over, and like to spend your time with people of a similar age, then our school’s French Club 50 + program is just right for you! This two-week course includes 40 French lessons, as well as an activities package designed specifically for people aged 50 or more. Of course, you are more than welcome to join any of the other courses, and socialize with people of all ages.

 Courses:  Lessons per week  Max. in class  Levels
 Standard 20 14 All
 Intensive 26 14 Minimum elementary
 Combined 20 + 4/6 14/1 All
 French and Surfing 20 + 10 14/8 All
 French and Golf 20 + 10 14/4 All
 Private Lessons - 1 All
 French Club 50+ 20 14 Minimum elementary

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about Biarritz or our school.

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Cultural Program in Biarritz, France

Heading for the surf!
Heading for the surf!

Like our other schools in France, our Biarritz school offers a program of leisure time activities, both to introduce you to French culture and to help you have a great time! Discover Biarritz with a guided tour of the town, and discover delicious French cuisine with wine, cheese and chocolate tasting. Then create your own tasty French dishes with cookery lessons. Other typical activities include surfing, horse riding, tennis, rafting and museum visits.

The cultural program will also take you on excursions outside of Biarritz. Amongst the possible destinations for these trips are the Pyrenees mountains, the elegant city of Bayonne, and Lourdes, famous as a site of Christian pilgrimage.



Stay with a local family and experience the French way of life! Each weekday your hosts will prepare breakfast and dinner for you, while at the weekends you’ll have 3 home cooked meals each day. Your hosts will also provide you with the chance to practise your French all the time! Our school goes to great lengths to ensure that only the warmest, most capable families are selected to accommodate students.

This Biarritz guide from Time Out contains lots of useful information about the town. Or, you can, of course, contact us with any questions you may have concerning Biarritz.

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French language programs in France

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