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Spanish course Bariloche, Argentina

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Study Spanish in Bariloche for breathtaking vistas, endless sporting activities and first-class Spanish language tuition. The soaring, snow-capped mountains, perfectly reflected in resplendent Lake Nahuel Huapi, offer some of the best winter sports conditions in the world!

You can enjoy endless outdoor activities alongside your Spanish course in Bariloche, including skiing, snowboarding, river rafting, kayaking, horse riding, windsurfing, hiking and many more! Take our school’s Spanish and Skiing course to experience the runs at world famous ski resorts like Cerro Catedral.


Our school in Bariloche, Argentina

Our school in Bariloche
Our school

Our Spanish language school is located in a pleasant suburb of Bariloche, close to the lakeside. Following your lessons, explore the European-inspired city center, where you’ll find shops full of delicious local chocolate!

The school building is modern, with well-equipped classrooms, student lounge areas with free Internet access and a large patio area. The patio is the ideal place to unwind and socialize with other students after your Spanish classes.


Our Bariloche school:

 Number of classrooms 6
 Location Just outside downtown Bariloche, close to the lakeside
 Cultural program Yes
 Other facilities  Student lounges, free Internet access
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Our Spanish language programs

Spanish lesson at our school
Spanish lesson at our school

Anyone can take a Spanish course in Bariloche! Our school runs Spanish courses at every level, from beginner to advanced, and with a maximum of just 6 students in each class, you’ll make great progress!

The Standard Course consists of 20 Spanish lessons per week, all in same-level groups, so you can practice your Spanish with classmates from all over the world! If you’d prefer the complete attention of our school’s experienced teachers, Private Lessons are also available. Individual tuition, precisely tailored to meet your needs, will help you to learn Spanish in Bariloche even more quickly!

Ski or snowboard on South America’s best slopes with our school’s Spanish & Skiing program! As well as 20 Spanish lessons per week, the course also includes 2 ski lift passes (1 weekday and 1 weekend pass) and transportation to Cerro Catedral ski resort.

 Courses:  Lessons per week  Max. in class  Levels
 Standard 20 6 All
 Private Lessons 20 1 All
 Spanish & Skiing 20 6 All

If you have any questions about our school in Bariloche, please contact us!

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Cultural program in Bariloche, Argentina

Spanish & Skiing in Bariloche
Spanish & Skiing in Bariloche

Every week our school organizes different activities, helping you to enjoy yourself in Argentina and put your Spanish to good use! A guided tour of Bariloche will introduce you to the city, while social events like barbecues and bar evenings give you the chance to get to know other students.

Pick up some new Spanish phrases during movie-nights, discover Argentine cuisine with cooking lessons and learn how to Tango with dance classes!

Explore some more of this wonderful country with our school’s organized weekend excursions. Visit places like scenic Esquel and El Bolsón, or enjoy a lake cruise to Puerto Montt, in Chile!

Accommodation in Bariloche, Argentina


Experience Argentine life at first-hand – choose homestay accommodation with a local family! You’ll enjoy breakfast and dinner with your friendly family each day, providing you with the ideal opportunity to practice your language skills. Our school goes to great lengths to ensure that all families selected are suitable to receive students.

Shared apartment

Alternatively, you could live with your fellow students in a shared apartment. This will allow you to cook for yourself and meet people from all over the world!

Find out more about Bariloche

For more information on Bariloche, follow this link to Or, simply contact us – we’ll be pleased to help you!


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Spanish language programs in Argentina

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