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French course Annecy, France

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Learn French amidst breathtaking natural beauty! This French course in Annecy will introduce you to a picturesque medieval town, lying on the glistening lake which carries its name, and watched over by magnificent Alpine peaks. A short trip into the mountains will bring you to superb ski resorts such as Val d’Isere, Les Arcs and Chamonix.

Annecy has plenty to see, including the much photographed ‘Palais de L’isle’ and a marvellously preserved old town. To the north, the glamorous Swiss city of Geneva is less than 40 miles away.


Our school in Annecy, France

Students outside the school
Students outside the school

Our French language school in Annecy is located a short walk away from the town center, next to the lake. You can enjoy a wide variety of water sports on Lake Annecy, including waterskiing, sailing and kayaking!

The modern school premises have a well-equipped Internet café and wireless Internet access throughout, so it’s easy to stay in touch with friends and family back home. Following your French lessons, why not visit one of the typically French cafés in the town center and enjoy the stunning scenery!

Our school in Annecy:

 Internet Café    Yes
 Location On the lakeside, only 15 minutes from the town center
 Other facilities Wi-Fi connection, student lounge, study room
 Cultural program Yes
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Our French language programs

The school reception area
The school reception area

The Semi-intensive French course in Annecy consists of 12 classes per week, over 3 days, giving you plenty of time to explore France! For more French lessons and a faster pace of learning, our school’s Intensive course gives you 20 classes per week.

Skiing while you learn French in Annecy couldn’t be easier! Our school’s French and Skiing course comprises 20 French lessons and 2 weekend skiing trips each week (excluding your first week), with all ski passes and transportation to and from the slopes included.

For a taste of delicious French cuisine, study on our school’s French and Cookery course! Depending upon your level of French, you’ll have 20 regular group lessons or 15 mini-group (4-6 students per group) lessons each week, as well as cookery workshops.

 Courses:  Lessons per week  Max. in class  Levels
 Semi-intensive 12 18 Minimum intermediate
 Intensive 20 18 All
 French and Cookery 15/20 + 7 6 Minimum intermediate
 French and Skiing 20 18 All

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about Annecy or our school.

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Cultural Program in Annecy, France

Skiing at nearby Val D'isere
Skiing at nearby Val D'isere

To make your time in Annecy as memorable as possible, our school coordinates a varied cultural program for your spare time. You can get a real flavour of French culture, watching French films, touring vineyards and enjoying tasty French dishes!

Witness the incredible scenery around Annecy on a nature walk, or join a full-day excursion organized by the school. Typical destinations for excursions include France’s second city, Lyon, historical Chambéry and Chamonix, which sits at the foot of spectacular Mont Blanc.

Accommodation in Annecy, France

The best way to improve your French is to use it as often as possible. Our school arranges homestay accommodation in Annecy, allowing you to practise your language skills all the time! Living with a local family, carefully chosen by our school, you’ll also experience the French way of life.

Or, you can enjoy the company of your fellow students while you learn French in Annecy. There is a student residence on the same site as the school, with private bathrooms, shared kitchens and wireless Internet access (available for an extra fee). Alternatively, you can stay in a shared student apartment, with shared bathroom and kitchen.

If you have a query about a French course in Annecy, please contact us.

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French language programs in France

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